The modern silhouette of genderless based on the art of surrealism [ hardedge ]

Suuwu Park, the designer, has a background in industrial design and interior design in Seoul
But he also attended basic design course in the highly recognized fashion design
at the Royal Academy of fine art in Antwerp.
This training enables him to launch his first collection in seoul, Korea in October 2012.
From 2013, SUUWU has showcased its collections in international trade shows and fashion weeks.
In October 2012, March 2013 and October 2013, SUUWU was Selected as one of THE NEXT GENERATION DESIGNER
In March 2015 SUUWU was selected as one of the SEOUL COLLECTION DESIGNER BRAND.

– 2015. 03       2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week_SEOUL COLLECTION
– 2014. 10       2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week.
– 2014. 03       2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week.
– 2013. 10       2014 S/S Seoul Fashion Week_GENERATION NEXT
– 2013. 03       2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week_GENERATION NEXT
– 2012. 10       2013 S/S Seoul Fashion Week_GENERATION NEXT